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Draft: Treasure chest rework

NetSysFire requested to merge NetSysFire/serverdata:treasurechests into master

You open a chest and only find a plushroom inside. Very frustrating. This adds counts and I will also add messages later. E.g when finding 20 maggot slime the player will comment on maybe having squashed a nest of maggots.

Stuff to do:

  • Also place gold in the chest and potentially also a bonus. So if you get a common drop, but a relatively bad one (e.g Fates potion vs Plushroom), you will get extra gold.
  • Come up with little "events", like the player commenting on something. Could also mean a maggot ambush. Or rarely in e.g the bandit caves a bandit asking for the treasure you got or they will kill you. I need more ideas!
  • Obviously double-check my changes and make more.
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