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Real Estate

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Real Estate is the greatest money sink ever!

Rent a HOUSE in HURNSCALD Townsquare! Decorate it with furniture!

Note: Rent Time is capped in case a player decide to abandon the game. This way, abandoning the game will cause you losing your property, and somebody else could want it :b

This is a proof-of-concept. Real Estate is meant to be on every major city, etc.

TODO List:

  • NPCs - When you purchase the Piano, for example. You should be able to "play" a different background music.
    • Piano for music
    • Wardrobe for storage
    • Craft potions in cauldron
    • Add the big barrel and allow to make Red Plush Wine with Chagashroom :>
    • We can even add links to RoDex mail system in one of the desks!
  • Second Floor! I mean, it is not critical, but anyway.
  • Houses require maintenance: Seldomly, a NPC script could cause havoc in the house. I'm thinking in Ratto Infestation :>
  • LoF Teleporter (Time Flask) should be able to flash you back to your estates (requires special care)
  • We need to rent more places!
    • The castle in the road
    • the three unused houses in Hurnscald South
    • Countless houses in LoF Village - In fact, what better place for this than LoF Village?
    • Tulimshar Inn could have apartment rooms (instance system)
    • We could build a new house in Nivalis, and Halinarzo/Frostia are full of empty houses.
  • And most important of all, a playtest with two players is required for password system etc.

Please do not forget the small house near the docks in Tulimshar is the Guild House.

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