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Draft: Piou isles quests

Jesusalva Jesusalva requested to merge PiouIsles/main into master
  • Adds bronze pin to items db
  • Adds Piou Quests to quests db
  • Adds Piou Quest npcs to 006-2-1 006-2-5 and 006-2-6
  • Nurse May - Missing Hatchling
  • Glim - Piou Arrows
  • Piou Chef - Supply Restock
  • Pouf - Knighthood

Known Issues

  • Bronze Pin wrong slot
  • Bronze Pin wrong defense (refer to master table)
  • Nurse May - full rewrite required
  • Reed - dubious fallthrough
  • Hatchling:87 disablenpc strnpcinfo(3); dubious code
  • curly braces styling: their lines are wrong
  • Several other fixes are required before we can bother with more stylistic issues and get to balancing.

Piou isles quests

Co-Authored-By: +seeds <>
Co-Authored-By: Sean Hulka <>
Co-Authored-By: Jesusaves <>
Edited by Jesusalva Jesusalva

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