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Crypt items release and boss drop changes

Administrator requested to merge github/fork/Cassy1/crypt-head-armor into master

Created by: Cassy1

Goes with .

@Wushin some explanations: I made all three items be slightly less good than the usual head armor for every class (Warlord/Crusade Helmet, Cat Ears and Wizard Hat), but when they are equipped while being in the Crypt or Graveyard they are better than those. We can't make them better in general but making them better in the Crypt, the area designed for high level players, will make people be interested in them. However, as discussed on IRC the cryptitem.txt file isn't working so I need your help there.

I made the three Generals drop them at a rate of 0.25% and adjusted nearly all other equipment drops. E.g. 0.4% means that even if that boss is killed 100 times you don't even have a 50% chance to get that crypt item. 0.25% means about 400 kills. Both are very low drop rates for bosses, but that makes those items even more interesting without being ridiculously hard to get (like other equipment drops before :D ).

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